TaqwaTech Tuesdays: Redefining Entertainment for Muslim Families Globally

30 April 2024

In a digital landscape filled with endless possibilities, Sinan Ismail recognised a critical issue: the difficulties parents encounter in guiding their children through the vast array of online content. 

He understood that as technology advanced, the need for careful media selection became increasingly important. Sinan’s mission was clear; to empower both children and parents to navigate the digital world confidently and purposefully.

In 2022, Durioo+ was launched, marking the beginning of a new era in digital entertainment. 

With determination, it quickly amassed a community of 22,000 subscribers within its first year. By its second year, Durioo+ boasted 35,000 subscribers, showcasing its growing influence and appeal.

Sinan always envisioned the platform as a global movement, transcending mere entertainment to become a catalyst for empowerment. 

“In a world flooded with content, we aim to be a haven for families seeking enriching experiences aligned with their values. As we celebrate Eid throughout this month of Syawal, rest assured that Durioo+ remains your steadfast companion, offering wholesome and educational content rooted in Islamic principles,” he emphasised.

Recognising Durioo+’s transformative potential within the Islamic community and beyond, Gobi stepped forward, aligning its mission with Durioo+’s vision. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to nurturing promising ventures that not only adapt but thrive, enriching lives and broadening horizons.

From its humble beginnings to its current success, Durioo+ has exponentially expanded its repertoire, offering a wealth of 9,000 episodes on its Durioo+ platform by 2024. Complemented by seven animated Durioo+ Original animations, 25 live-action originals and over 900 videos, the platform has become a beacon of quality and enlightenment, with over 78 million minutes of content consumed.

As Durioo+ continues to grow, it extends its reach to encompass nations far and wide, from the United Kingdom to India, from Turkiye to the United States. Moreover, Durioo+ has embarked on a mission to nurture emerging talent, investing US$718,741.52 (RM3 million) to empower content creators and foster a vibrant digital ecosystem.

Durioo+ and Gobi, united in purpose, offer hope for Muslim children and families worldwide. They aspire to create a world where every child’s potential is supported, and families can find solace in wholesome entertainment and education.

Durioo has been a Gobi portfolio company since 2022.