TaqwaTech Tuesdays: Bitsmedia’s Dedication to Technology and Faith

23 April 2024

As the month of Syawal unfolds, Muslims worldwide transition from the introspective period of Ramadan to the celebratory days of Eid. Amidst the festivities, technology is vital in enriching their spiritual journey and fostering community bonds.

At the forefront of this digital transformation is Bitsmedia, a Singapore-based technology company renowned for its Muslim Pro app – a revered digital companion boasting over 160 million downloads globally.

With a commitment to be the digital home for the global Muslim community, Bitsmedia aims to facilitate a purposeful practice of faith. From utility features like accurate prayer times, Quran and fasting trackers to captivating Muslim lifestyle content, the company strives to build a comprehensive platform catering to all aspects of Muslim life.

Guiding Bitsmedia’s trajectory is its Chief Strategy Officer, Fara Abdullah, who propelled Muslim Pro to the forefront of the Muslim digital landscape. Her dedication to impacting millions of Muslims worldwide through innovative initiatives embodies the company’s commitment to seamlessly integrating technology and faith into users’ lives.

“I am deeply gratified by the overwhelming response to the Muslim Pro App during Ramadan’s inaugural week this year. Witnessing millions worldwide embrace our app’s new and innovative features as they navigate fasting and prayers fills me with immense pride and humility,” she said.

“Achieving monumental milestones such as reaching 9.7 million users in a single day, with 1.2 million engaging simultaneously, unequivocally underscores our app’s pivotal role as a global digital companion for Ramadan,” she continued.

Bitsmedia’s vision aligns seamlessly with Gobi’s commitment to breaking barriers and providing access for all. To encourage Muslims to improve their mastery of the Quran, the company has pledged to feed the hungry in Syria and Yemen for every Quran lesson completed on the app. 

In keeping with the times, it recently introduced a new feature called Ask AiDeen. Utilising Generative AI technology, Ask AiDeen offers immediate and authoritative responses based on the Holy Quran and thousands of authenticated Hadiths, to Islamic queries, accessible on both iOS and Android devices. This feature is designed to support Muslims at all stages of their spiritual journey, promoting accessibility and convenience.

Bitsmedia’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity has not gone unnoticed. TechinAsia ranked the company 13th in its list of top 50 rising startups in Asia. Additionally, with the launch of Qalbox in 2023, a global subscription video-on-demand streaming service, Bitsmedia aims to perpetuate positive and nuanced narratives about Muslims in the entertainment and media space, further amplifying its impact during the auspicious month of Syawal and beyond.

Bitsmedia has been a Gobi portfolio company since 2023.