Newsletter | February 2023

28 February 2023





Gobi Partners Onboards Four More Promising Malaysian Startups to its Gobi Superseed II Fund

The four startups being onboarded are Islamic-themed streaming service Durioo+, e-commerce marketplace Lapasar, earned wage access provider Paywatch, and online investing platform pitchIN. All four have demonstrated exceptional potential in their respective fields and are poised to deliver substantial returns to the Malaysian economy.
AdalFi Raises US$7.5 Million to Revolutionize Digital Lending in Pakistan’s Financial Industry
Lahore-based digital lending infrastructure provider, AdalFi has secured funding to bolster its team of engineers and modellers. This will enable their specialized team to advise banks on lending capabilities, further strengthening AdalFi’s position as a leading player in the industry.

Wristcheck: From Instagram to Multimillion Business Venture
From sharing his love of luxury watches on Instagram to raising US$8 Million in pre-seed funding led by Gobi Partners GBA, Founder Austen Chu knew he needed to make a change in the lack of pre-owned luxury watches business.


Gobi-Core Appointed as a Co-Investment Partner for Philippine Government’s Startup Venture Fund (SVF)

Gobi-Core, through its new role, will be able to co-invest with SVF in promising startups based in the Philippines. This collaboration will enable Gobi-Core to leverage its 15-location presence and proven track record of performance to connect these investees to other opportunities in the region. By bridging the gap between Philippine startups and the broader ASEAN market, Gobi-Core is poised to play a significant role in driving innovation and growth in the region.
Aerodyne Group Executes 21st M&A with Stake in Italian Drone Services Company, Aiviewgroup
In a statement, Aerodyne said, by joining forces with the Rome-based Aiviewgroup both parties can harness synergies from their respective areas of expertise and technologies, and bring it to a wider global audience. The Italian commercial drone software and services market is projected to grow to US$595 Million (RM2.64 Billion) in 2026.

InsurTech PolicyStreet receives Australian Financial Services License
The license enables PolicyStreet to offer digital insurance solutions to Australian customers, expand operations, develop local partnerships, and make insurance more accessible and affordable for consumers in Southeast Asia and beyond.

NSTP Adds AlfaBolt, OrbitEd, PriceOye to its Ever-Evolving Startup Roster
The National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) approved FinTech firm AlfaBolt, EduTech company OrbitEd, and E-commerce platform PriceOye. The new additions are tipped to reinforce Pakistan’s aim for technological advancement, the development of efficient systems and the production of goods and services that are compatible globally and beneficial to the national economy.

Spearheading University Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Malaysia 
Sunway Innovation Labs (Sunway iLabs) has launched LaunchX, the first university-led startup accelerator programme in Malaysia, with the objective of fostering a synergistic and holistic entrepreneurial ecosystem to support student entrepreneurs in creating quality startups and achieving sustainable growth for their businesses.


Funding, Talent Poser in the Making of Unicorns

Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform, CARSOME paved the way by becoming the country’s first unicorn after a massive US$290 Million (RM 1.24 Billion) funding round in 2022. Now, Gobi‘s DroneTech investee Aerodyne Group is poised to follow in its footsteps, potentially becoming Malaysia’s second technology unicorn as they explore a funding round of up to US$200 Million with an eye towards going public in 2024.
‘The Worst Is Over’: Tech Investors are Bullish on Investing in China Again
“I do think that they (China) are going to do everything they can to try to spur the economic growth. It would be very surprising if there were other wide-ranging regulations that came out to deter that because it would be sending a very opposite signal,” said Managing Partner (GBA) Chibo Tang.

Squid Game is Coming to Sandbox VR Immersive Experience Locations
Sandbox VR, which operates location-based virtual reality experiences, is collaborating with Netflix to create a fully immersive Squid Game virtual reality experience, where players are transported to iconic locations from Netflix’s Squid Game universe.

The company has developed a camera-based health and wellness monitoring solution, called Vitals, which provides affordable and quality healthcare services. This innovative solution has the potential to empower individuals, including those from lower income brackets and other vulnerable segments, to take charge of their health and well-being. 

The Hidden Price Behind Your food Delivery Choices feat. Ecoinno and Clearbot
Two of our Hong Kong-based tech companies, Ecoinno (H.K.) Limited and Clearbot were featured in this RADII episode, which explored ocean pollution and the micro-plastic problem that can be tackled through the use of innovative tech and responsible choices.


For our very first “Gobi: The Big Picture” feature, we uncover why startups in Malaysia may face challenging economic headwinds in 2023 and how Gobi can help guide its investee companies through the valley of death.

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Congratulations  MEVCA for a successful inaugural event!
Our Cofounder and Chairman Thomas G. Tsao at the Middle East Venture Capital Association (MEVCA) Investors Summit in Abu Dhabi.  As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate a lasting and thriving partnership that will propel the ecosystem to new heights by convening the leading players in the industry to tackle challenges that demand collective action.
2023 Cathay Pacific’s Southeast Asia Regional Kick-off Conference
Our Cofounder and Chairman Thomas G. Tsao was invited as a keynote speaker at the Cathay Pacific‘s 2023 Southeast Asia Regional Kick-Off Conference where he shared insight in the investment flows between ASEAN and China.
Don’t miss the chance to gain valuable knowledge from Jamaludin Bujang, our Managing Partner for Malaysia, as he shares his expertise as a guest speaker on the topic of smart fundraising, delving into various fundraising options available in the current market, providing insights into what investors are seeking, and outlining critical preparation steps that entrepreneurs must take to increase their chances of securing the right funding.
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