Kiddocare: Malaysia’s Answer to Modern Parenting

16 November 2023

In the whirlwind of modern life, parents often find themselves in a constant juggle between work and childcare. The quest for a trustworthy babysitter or daycare centre can be an overwhelming challenge, leaving many parents frustrated and worried about their child’s well-being.

Here’s where Kiddocare, Malaysia’s very first on-demand babysitting platform, steps in to offer a solution. Kiddocare was founded by its Chief Executive Officer, Nadira Yusoff, with the late Muhaini Mahmud later joining as the co-founder taking on the role of Director of Communications and Engagement, forming a dynamic duo. Their shared mission is to offer parents the support of a caregiver whenever necessary, providing peace of mind to today’s parents.

Nadira, armed with over two decades of experience in the tech industry, launched Kiddocare in 2018, supported by an accompanying app to streamline childcare services. Her vision was not just about making childcare accessible, affordable and trustworthy but also about empowering childcare workers through training, certification and fair compensation.

The genesis of Kiddocare arose from a personal experience that resonates with many parents. Nadira’s late working hours led to the heart-wrenching moment when she forgot to pick up her daughter. The guilt she felt was the turning point that inspired her to provide the best she could for her children.

“Malaysian women make up 39% of the workforce in Malaysia and as a mum I know all too well how difficult it is to balance work and parenting. We developed Kiddocare to address the inefficiencies in childcare services, offer some comfort to the parents and make sure the childcare workers earn a substantial income,” said Nadira.

Nadira used technology to provide parents with the ease of booking a nanny while offering tailored programs to meet the unique demands of each child.

Kiddocare’s remarkable work drew the interest of the Khazanah Nasional-backed Gobi Dana Impak Ventures Fund (GDIV), which seeks opportunities to make a substantial impact on society while contributing to Malaysia’s economic growth.

“When it comes to fundraising for start-ups, we are always prepared for rejection, which can make you feel isolated and alone. But during those challenging times, our purpose keeps us going. Learning that GDIV were interested in Kiddocare was truly meaningful,” said Nadira.

“With GDIV’s funding we’re confident of being able to create greater impact and set the standard for childcare services in the region,” she added.

This has been part of the #GobiDanaImpakVentures: Empowering Malaysia series.