Gobi Dana Impak: A Path to Prosperity and Resilience for Malaysia

6 November 2023

In an era where economic competitiveness and societal well-being are inseparable, Gobi Dana Impak Ventures (GDIV) Fund shines as a beacon of transformation in Malaysia. This dynamic initiative, a key component of Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah)’s Dana Impak mandate, is dedicated to fortifying the nation’s economic prowess while fostering resilience and prosperity for all Malaysians.

GDIV is not merely an investment fund; it’s a visionary force for positive change in Malaysia, uniting economic growth and social well-being. In the first instalment of #GobiDanaImpakVentures (GDIV): Empowering Malaysia, let’s explore what makes GDIV a driving force in Malaysia’s journey towards a brighter future.

The Essence of Dana Impak

Dana Impak represents a portfolio of impactful investments aimed at strengthening Malaysia’s economic position, all while delivering socio-economic benefits to its vibrant community. As a cornerstone within Khazanah’s “Advancing Malaysia” strategy, Dana Impak allocates a substantial RM6 billion over five years, distributed across six critical themes designed to address the pressing issues and challenges facing the nation.

1) Digital Society and Technology Hub: In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Dana Impak embraces digital transformation, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and fuel economic growth. This theme positions Malaysia as a global contender in the digital realm, fostering competitiveness in a tech-driven world.

2) Decent Work and Social Mobility: Bridging income and wealth disparities lies at the heart of this theme. Dana Impak strives to create opportunities that promote decent work and empower social mobility, leading to a more equitable and stable society.

3) Food and Energy Security: The availability and security of essential resources like food and energy are paramount to national well-being. “Project Semai” is a research endeavour that aims to address the pressing challenges faced by agriculture workers and smallholders in the country. Through research, the project aims to understand the specific issues and hurdles faced by individuals who form the backbone of the nation’s food production ensuring that those responsible for growing and harvesting our food can do so under the best conditions possible.

4) Quality Health and Education for All: In an era marked by shifting demographics, ensuring equal access to quality healthcare and education is imperative. Dana Impak’s investments in this area ensure that all Malaysians have the tools to thrive in a changing world.

5) Building Climate Resilience: Recognising the urgency of climate change, Dana Impak is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. This theme underscores the organisation’s commitment to safeguarding our planet.

6) Competing in Global Markets: In today’s multipolar world, maintaining competitiveness is crucial. Dana Impak’s investments in this area position Malaysia as a global contender, equipping the nation to excel on the international stage.

Measuring Impact with SEMARAK

What sets Gobi Dana Impak Ventures apart is its unwavering focus on creating lasting societal impact. To assess the effectiveness of its initiatives, Dana Impak has developed the SEMARAK framework—an impact assessment tool that adapts global methodologies to the Malaysian context. For instance, with the “42 Malaysia” project, this tool measures impact performance metrics such as the number of graduates, successful placement rates, employer satisfaction scores, and the distribution of graduates across income groups and geographic locations, among others.

An All-of-Society Approach

Dana Impak firmly believes in an “all-of-society” approach, recognising that collaboration across all sectors of society is pivotal to the successful delivery of socioeconomic impact. Collaborations with domestic and international partners, such as Gobi Partners, exemplify this approach, as seen in the recently announced Future Malaysia Programme in March 2023.

Gobi in the Picture

Given Gobi’s extensive investing track record and expertise for value creation in Malaysia, Khazanah has chosen them as an investment partner to help recognise and nurture home-grown companies which fit the Dana Impak theme. As of November 2023, Gobi has already invested in six companies via the GDIV Fund, all of which fit the Dana Impak mandate.

Gobi Co-founder and Chairperson, Thomas G. Tsao said, “We are thrilled to support Khazanah in delivering its Dana Impak mandate for the country. As a firm that is also headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and has invested in over 350 companies globally, we look forward to helping expand the Malaysian start-up ecosystem and create long-term societal value through our collaboration.”

As we embark on a journey to spotlight the visionary founders and remarkable companies within the GDIV ecosystem, get ready to explore the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Join us in celebrating their inspiring stories, groundbreaking achievements and the bright future they are shaping for Malaysia and beyond.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of #GobiDIV: Empowering Malaysia which will unveil the brilliance and resilience of the GDIV founders and their extraordinary ventures.