Care Concierge: Transforming Senior Care for a Brighter Future

8 November 2023

We are often so engrossed in the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives that it is easy to overlook the essential needs of our senior loved ones. Imagine the challenges of ageing and the various types of senior care needs that can be daunting for seniors and their families. It can be overwhelming, but there is hope. Care Concierge aims to lead the way in providing quality senior care solutions that allow seniors to live out their golden years with fulfilment.

Care Concierge is committed to assisting families in navigating the complexities of finding suitable senior care solutions through its wide range of services – from At-Home Care, Senior Day Care, to Assisted Living Residence communities with over 400 rooms across eight locations in Selangor and Penang. It provides a comprehensive and seamless service that meets the unique needs of every senior and their family, assisting seniors to live their best lives.

The team at Care Concierge includes a group of Senior Care Specialists; dedicated nurses, therapists, and qualified caregivers who offer specialised care for various medical conditions. From post-hospitalisation recovery to Dementia Care, Stroke Care, Cancer Care, and Palliative Care – they bring their expertise to ensure your loved ones receive the best care possible.

At the core of Care Concierge’s vision are two remarkable individuals, Martin Yap and Justin Yap, whose passion for quality elder care has driven them to create something truly extraordinary.

Martin, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Care Concierge, embarked on this mission a decade ago while working at Green Leaf Retirement Resort. His dedication was inspired by his family’s struggle to find suitable care for his grandmother after she suffered a stroke. Martin’s vision is clear: to enable seniors to age gracefully, surrounded by familiarity and comfort.

“As you age, it’s good to have a professional care plan. We pay attention to special medical and physical conditions and needs, provide social engagement with cognitive, physical and social activities and we prepare all meals and provide security,” said Martin.

“We also have an app to facilitate seamless communication and transparency within the community of professional caregivers, care specialists, seniors, and families. This enables caregivers to provide coordinated care, allowing seniors to maintain their independence and enjoy an enriched quality of life, while also providing children with peace of mind,” he added.

Justin, the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer, is the driving force behind the innovation and fresh perspectives that Care Concierge brings to senior care.

As an Iowa State University graduate, he champions care solutions that transcend traditional rehabilitation methods. Justin leads the Healthcare Innovation and Digital Health divisions within Care Concierge, tirelessly seeking new, innovative, and efficient solutions for elder care. Together with Martin, he ensures that seniors can age with grace while enjoying the highest quality of care.

The Gobi Dana Impak Ventures (GDIV) Fund has a primary goal of nurturing the local startup ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurs, venture capital initiatives, and corporate venture programmes. It focuses its investments on the six key themes of Dana Impak (Impact Fund) — a key pillar of Khazanah Nasional’s Advancing Malaysia strategy — including Digital Society and Technology, Quality Health and Education for all, Decent Work and Social Mobility, Food and Energy Security, Building Climate Resilience, and Competing in Global Markets.

Care Concierge aligns with the GDIV mandate, not only by providing healthcare services but also through the operation of the Care Concierge Academy, creating gig employment opportunities for individuals, thereby supporting Malaysia’s gig economy. The company leverages digital technology through its web and mobile applications, exemplifying the shift toward a digital society.

The United Nations predicts that Malaysia will become an ageing society by 2030, with over 15% of the population aged 60 and above. Care Concierge, with Gobi Partners’ support via GDIV’s funding, is poised to elevate senior living care and the caregiving profession. Their mission extends beyond meeting the needs of Malaysia’s ageing population; it’s about making a lasting impact on the lives of seniors and their families.

This has been part of the #GobiDanaImpakVentures: Empowering Malaysia series.