BoomGrow: The Farm of Tomorrow

23 November 2023

The concept of food sustainability has evolved beyond mere rhetoric; it has become a lifestyle as we progressively adopt eco-conscious choices and embrace sustainable living. As the escalating cost of living continues to impact households’ purchasing power significantly, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions.

Enter the trailblazers at BoomGrow, founded by a trio of environmentally conscious friends who are changing the vertical farming industry with their innovative approach.

BoomGrow’s mission is crystal clear – to create and maintain a healthy life with fresh, clean, and sustainable food. They have perfected a precision farming system that yields 100% pesticide-free greens in a controlled environment, maximising taste and nutrition while ensuring freshness for an extended period. 

BoomGrow’s patented growth system allows it to cultivate a lush acre’s worth of crops within a cosy 360 square foot space—all tucked within a single repurposed shipping container. It’s a remarkable innovation that tackles the scarcity of land due to rapid urban development and takes a stand against climate change’s unpredictable twists and turns. 

In doing so, BoomGrow not only addresses the environmental challenges posed by traditional farming but also provides a cost-effective solution to combat the rising cost of living by maximising resource efficiency and minimising production expenses.

The visionary behind the green revolution is Dr. Jay Desan, a sustainability expert who embarked on this mission to find high-tech solutions for agricultural challenges. Her motivation stemmed from her desire to provide her family with healthy, pesticide-free food.

Shan Palani, the design guru, lends his artistic eye and passion for sustainable structures to BoomGrow. His designs are more than just functional. They maximise BoomGrow’s plant systems.

Completing the trio is Murali Krishnamurthy, who brings financial finesse to the venture. Together, they’ve turned heads in the agricultural industry with their groundbreaking methods.

The early partnership with the Khazanah Nasional-backed Gobi Dana Impak Ventures (GDIV) Fund validated BoomGrow’s innovative approach, supporting their growth. GDIV’s mission aligns seamlessly with BoomGrow’s vision of reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint and making clean, nutritious and affordable food easily accessible.

“GDIV’s partnership elevated us to a level we may not have been able to achieve otherwise. Khazanah’s research understanding the challenges faced by agriculture workers and smallholders in Malaysia through Project Semai and the feedback from industry players resonated with what we do here at BoomGrow,” said Dr Jay.

“Together, we hope to use Project Semai to form the solutions that would be critical to enable sustainable and resilient agrifood systems for our future generations,” she added.

BoomGrow’s farming revolution has achieved significant milestones, making them the first 5G showcase farm in Malaysia and securing government grants from SME Corp, PlaTCOM Ventures, and MDEC. Currently, the company supplies international hotel chains in Malaysia and has recently expanded to the Philippines.

In a world where food security and environmental preservation take centre stage, BoomGrow offers hope for a greener future. Their innovative methods and unwavering commitment to sustainability are set to significantly impact the agricultural industry, bringing us one step closer to a lush and vibrant tomorrow.

This has been part of the #GobiDanaImpakVentures: Empowering Malaysia series.