2023: A Year in Review

31 January 2024

In the face of a challenging 2023, Gobi Partners strategically navigated the global economic landscape, adapting to uncertainties by prioritising survival and sustainability. Focused inward, we honed in on what works, with a robust emphasis on key sectors: healthcare, circular economy, and financial inclusion

Amidst the turmoil of a major U.S. bank collapse and international unresolved conflicts, Gobi reaffirmed its 21-year commitment to fostering positive change. Our investments throughout the year reflect this dedication, particularly in companies championing Environmental, Social, and Governance solutions. Gobi remains steadfast in its mission to serve underserved communities and drive growth in emerging ecosystems, resiliently shaping a better future.

As Gobi anticipates 2024, it envisions significant growth in the circular economy, food security, financial inclusion, and healthcare. Proactive government initiatives and visionary efforts by entrepreneurs have fueled increased awareness in these sectors. However, the journey ahead will be influenced by existing and emerging economic and political challenges.

ASEAN and the Greater Bay Area, strategically positioned between East and West, stand to benefit substantially in this evolving landscape. Their geographic advantages, coupled with robust infrastructures, position them as pivotal hubs for innovation and collaboration.