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Abraiz Abdullah
Investment Analyst


Abraiz Bin Abdullah has acquired diverse experience through internships spanning sectors such as Investment Banking, Real Estate, and Venture Capital.

In his current role within the Investments and Monitoring team at Fatima Gobi Ventures, Abraiz leverages his expertise. Prior to this position, he collaborated with Endeavor Global to establish their office in Pakistan. This endeavor involved establishing processes and a pipeline for entrepreneur selection, aligning with Endeavor Global's mission to nurture thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets.

Abraiz is an alumnus of NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern, holding a degree in Business with a focus on Finance and Management. His unique educational journey, spanning Shanghai, London, and New York, exposed him to diverse cultures, honing skills essential for navigating global business landscapes. This exposure ignited Abraiz's interest in the technology and entrepreneurship prevalent in these high-tech hubs.

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